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​In just two weeks of drinking the Essiac tea I have noticed several benefits. Foremost has been the welcome reactivation of appetite control. There is an increasing sense of not needing food to soothe unwanted emotion, or eating to fill a void or eating just because it is there being offered.  I feel a shifting to a deeper connection to the desire for good health.  There is a renewed awareness of the rhythm of my sleep cycle and what sleep I need.

There are other subtle changes that I am noticing such as improvement in skin texture.   In fact I've used the concentration of the herb residue as a mask on my face and in the bath for a detoxifying soak. I have also noticed assistance with concentration and focus.   

I am committed to your challenge to keep on the tea for at least six months.  I have been looking for natural alternatives to assist with nourishing the thyroid, balancing hormones, enhance focus, balancing cholesterol, balancing fluids and increasing energy; all of which I feel certain are on their way as I move forward.

I feel that in using the Essiac tea, there is an enhancement of the body's  ability to utilize  healthy foods, and supplemental foods such as essential oils. ​

Sylvia D.

I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease, I didn't really know what it was. I know I was not feeling myself months prior to my blood tests.

 I was gaining weight but it wasn't weight my body was getting inflamed, I wasn't having regular bowel movements, and also whenever I would eat anything my pains were excruciating. I would cry from the pains in my stomach, my body ached. I would take walks not even a few minutes into the walk I would be hurting and my body completely ached, I didn't stop i would keep going, but when i got home from our walks i had to sit right away, I was always out if breath very fatigued. My beautiful baby girl Kelly Dunkle told me about Naturallyliving4life how the essiac tea helped her. Of course I was a bit skeptical, but I didn't want to take  anymore medications as i was already on enough meds. So Lord contacted me and I told him  my situation and he prescribed 5 herbs for me. I've been taking them faithfully for the last few weeks. These herbs work wonders, I'm living proof of taking these herbs. I feel so good. I'm very overwhelmed of how kind and loving Lord is. I have a friend for life. He always checks up and asks me how I feel. I always tell him I'm wonderful.  I am so thankful I found him when i did. I will continue on my journey and know I will fight this to the end!!


Delma Mita Arce

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