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Our Origins

NL4L was created to provide you with effective Herbal remedies, Metaphysical treatments and Essential Oils for all ailments, conditions, and symptoms through the proper engineering of botanical liquids and supplements. The human body is organic, carbon, and copper based. It is electrical! Nature’s herbs are also organic, carbon, copper-based, and electrical, therefore are 100% compatible with the human organism.

Traditional medicine is effective only to a certain extent, when what you have tried has not answered the problem you have been waiting on, try alternative health. When you place inorganic substances in the human body, which is organic, you are polluting the human body physically and altering the natural vibration of the body and thus creating disease.

Naturally Living 4 life is here to solve the root of the problem to heal your body mind and spirit from within through Metaphysical treatments, giving you the vitality that your body needs with the aid of herbs to stimulate its own natural functions.

Organic Strawberries
Orange Basket
Fresh Kale
Examining Crops
Fresh Vegetable in Basket
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