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Due to the nature of the homeopathic medicine, there is zero possibility of this product causing elevated levels of estrogen—it balances and rejuvenates.

Ingredients: Alcohol 14%, Phospholipids, Shea Butter, Polysaccharides, Distilled Water, Thermograph.

There are now three additional NuFem. formulas.

They balance and revitalize hormones just as the NuFem

#1, #2, and #3.

What’s the difference?

These new formulations are the exact formula that is in the Theracyl product, which is being aired in an infomercial. The new formulation called NuFem Pro, Estro, and Testos (topical transdermal liposome base) handles emotions, hysteria, and have LM potencies of specific remedies to go deeper into the matrix and help balance hormones on various levels never before accomplished.

They are formulated with ingredients to help fibroids and cysts (Folliculinum & Ovarinum), as well as all menopausal symptoms including adrenal cortisol using ACTH and cAMP to help the pineal produce melatonin. Also, these new NuFem formulas help with breakthrough, heavy, or long-term bleeding, just as the NuFem #1, #2, and #3 do.

There are no known side effects for homeopathic medicine. A proving (temporary) will exhibit the same symptoms as the symptoms caused by the original substance used to make the remedy. A patient can have a homeopathic proving if the remedy is used for too long of a period of time, without giving the body a break.

New NuFem Pro, Estro and Testos are in a transdermal liposome base and have higher potencies and more specific ingredients to the above issues.

NuFem Estro

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