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Mercury Plus Detox is a proprietary homeopathic formula. Over the past 200 years, the homeopathic ingredients in this formula have been researched to assist the body in detoxification of heavy metals, and vaccinations. An FDA-registered homeopathic formula that is proven safe and effective for both adults and children. Directions are on the label.

Members of the Wellness Optimization Club will have access to a mercury detoxification dietary protocol.

This revolutionary formula is composed of 8 proven homeopathic preparations. This remedy is best taken with its companion product, Lymph Detox Plus, which is a drainage remedy to detoxify all organs.

Mercury in "Silver Fillings" Causing Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Central Nervous System Disorders Mercury amalgam dental fillings, commonly referred to as 'Silver' dental fillings, contain between 48 & 55 % mercury. While the American Dental Association originally denied that mercury from these fillings leaked vapor, which is absorbed into the bodies of persons having this dental filling material, in recent years, facing numerous studies to the contrary, have had to concede, that 'silver fillings', do leak mercury vapor, one of the most toxic substances known to man. The metallic mercury used by dentists to manufacture dental amalgam is shipped as a hazardous material to the dental office. When amalgams are removed, for whatever reason, they are treated as hazardous waste and are required to be disposed of in accordance with federal OSHA regulations and it is inconceivable that the mouth could be considered a safe storage container for this toxic material. 

 A multi-million dollar U.S. Government study conducted between 1988 and 1994 could hold the key to producing epidemiological data linking dental fillings to a myriad of illnesses. This new information comes straight from the National Institute of Health, the NHANES III Study (National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey), a study that according to the mission statement of National Center for Health Sciences "is to provide statistical information that will guide the actions and policies to improve health of the American people. As the Nation's principal health statistics agency, NCHS leads the way with accurate, relevant, and timely data." A recent statistical analysis of this data was done to see if there were any links to dental fillings and adverse health conditions. Their initial figures revealed that while 78% of the American public have dental fillings, 95% of the people with International Classification of Disease Codes 340-349: "Disorders of the Central Nervous System", which include MS, Epilepsy, Paralysis and Migraines, have dental fillings

Mercury Plus Detox

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