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Cholesterol / Lipids Pack

 (Contains 16 Products)

This Proprietary Pack helps support healthy LDL and HDL Cholesterol levels. 

The ingredients in CHOLEST, for example, have been shown to inhibit platelet aggregation, reduce triglyceride levels, enhance circulation and reduce clotting potential. Each recommended product has been used by health providers to help regular elevated cholesterol and lipid levels. Inflammation plays a central role in the process of atherosclerosis, in which fatty deposits clog the arteries. 

A Healthy Cardiovascular System Depends on:

Emotional WellnessDietExerciseEnvironmental toxin exposure.Passion / Attitude

As you follow the program instructions below, please note that this program helps detoxify the body including the filtering organs. It also provides safe levels of ionic minerals and vitamins to help stress. The following formulas created by Dr. Theresa Dale, PhD, CCN, NP are included in this extraordinary pack with the diet. 

You receive one of each of the following items.

• CHOLEST –Cholesterol BioRegulatory Product Herbs & Vitamins (3 to 9 per

day depending on level of lipids in blood (1-3x with meals)

• Digest Formula: heals the digestive track (Herbal) (2, 3x with meals)

• Optimal Multi Pro - Multi Vitamin with Phos. Choline/Serine Complex (1, 2x daily)

• Nano Ionic Multi Minerals with Silica - (Cell Ready) (see label)

• NAC Pro - Decongests Liver and Bronchia (1 with each meal)

• Whole Body Deep Cleanse Kit (13 Day) -  (includes the following products; see instructions in kit.)

Kidney ProLiver ProWhole Body/Immune Pro Colon Pro 

Cholesterol / Lipids Pack

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