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Your New Year Starts Now

Updated: May 13, 2023

Happy New Year 🥰🥰

Today is the birth of a new beginning for the journey of your Soul into maturity. This new day is celebrated around the world as the birth of Jesus who became the Christ. Which is a title that we all can obtain after waking our Child ( Soul ) to birth. 

We are taught in the Bible, that Three wise men brought gifts to the Christ child that was in a manger. The manger represents our physical body, the gifts that are brought to you, your Soul, the Christ Child, is the opportunity to allow life experiences to cultivate your Soul into an Adult, becoming one with the father. Throughout the day the Creator sends us tests that have already been designed and determined before our Souls came to this world. Those tests are to awaken lack and qualities that are unlike the Creator. Because only if you SEE them, can you change them. And by changing them then we have an affinity with the Light. But we need people and situations with gifts of surprises to awaken our negativity. If something goes wrong and or wrong with the gift, say Pause! “ What a pleasure.” If your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife leave, or you lose your job, you found out you have a fatal illness. Etc. Don’t be reactive, pause, and say what a pleasure. 


Is the Universe punishing you? No such thing; the Universe wants to elevate you, want to give you the next level of a relationship, a job. Even though it looks like you’re losing. Your only job is to say. ( I just want to correct myself. ) You need those trainings to go to the highest level of yourself, because you haven’t got there yet. The Soul itself is pure, yet it came to this earth with spiritual baggage, called Tikkun, meaning: My Souls correction. Our Souls has something it must correct. It has baggage that it brings from past lives. We all have negative attributes that our Souls came to the world with that we must RECOGNIZE AND TRANSFORM.

Regardless of your situation in life, everyone receives an equal amount of pain that is exactly matched to their Soul. And each one has an equal amount of opportunity for happiness and connection to the Light. We are all equal in our Tikkun, rich or poor, no comparison. The things I need to change will bring me as much of a challenge as the things you need to change. The spiritual always precedes the physical. EVERY person in life was already pre-chosen by your Soul to be the perfect trigger for your Soul correction. 

In closing, if you want to know what are your corrections? The unwrapped gifts, it is usually an area where you have a little bit of chaos and a little bit of unresolved pain. That is the area where our Tikkun can be found. In relationships, if one is only getting 70% of each other, it's because the Creator is only getting 70% of you. There’s no mistake, no glitch in the system. Relationships are always a reflected gift to where we are spiritual, there’s a blockage. Enjoy all your gifts, that will remove them.

One Love,

Peace and blessing

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Shiwanda Bellinger
Shiwanda Bellinger
Aug 02, 2023

My God yes will be mindful and watchful.of my own self got it


Pablo Escareno
Pablo Escareno
Dec 30, 2022

Didn’t think I needed a reminder but after reading this know I do ..there’s no bad when your In touch with your spirituality

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