Your body is trying to warn ⚠️ you before it's too late.

As Jimmy Buffet famously sings, "I treat my body like a temple!  You treat yours like a tent!"  Funny, huh?

We are very fortunate to move around this planet in these extraordinary vehicles called our human bodies. 

And indeed, many of us treat our bodies like a tent, not a temple.

Along with that, we don't realize how hard our body is trying to communicate with us when something needs attention. Through our training, we understand that our bodies can tell us important things by looking at our fingernails, tongue, skin, etc.

Here are some fingernail and tongue tips that you can use on yourself and your loved ones:

Branching, purplish veins under the tongue indicate a liver problem or heavy metal toxicity.


A foamy urine could mean the kidneys are not adequately processing protein.


Sudden onset baby hair on the cheeks can be an early warning of lung or colon cancer.


Horizontal brown wrinkling on the back of the neck may indicate diabetes.


A crack in the center of the tongue shows stomach and digestive problems.


White spots on the nails could be a hormone imbalance in men or women.


Lines on the nails from cuticle to tip that look like beads on a string could be showing osteoporosis.  

At NL4L, we do have products that can help each and all of these ailments.    

Feel free to email us at  for specific questions.  We want good health for all of you.   


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