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Your Body Is The Greatest Healer

Americans are a perfect example of an overfed and undernourished country. We are constantly bombarded by information on diets from food companies, current faddists, and diet cultists, yet the picture is very incomplete. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view, the body is looked at as a whole, working together in harmony. Just as every little screw and bolt on a machine has an important purpose, if one part is broken the whole suffers. Our body is a very intricate machine that works together as a whole.

Western medicine tends to focus on only the diseased part of the body. It tries to attack and kill the diseased cells, not taking into account why those cells are diagnosed to begin with. It is not just because the cells are exposed to viruses and bacteria. We are constantly exposed to these; our mouth is full of bacteria. Yet why is it that some people break down and get sick and others do not, when both are exposed to the same pathogens? Our body is equipped with a healing mechanism that is greater than any invention. It is so unique that it has this system that can repair the body’s disharmonies, given the right chance to do so. Through inappropriate lifestyle, diet, thoughts, and actions, we abuse the workings of this delicate system.

Always keep in mind that the body’s own healing system is very powerful. Suppressing a headache with aspirin does not take away the underlying cause. The headache is a warning of some disharmony. Thus, we should work on the underlying cause and use natural healing methods to enhance the immune system so the body can heal itself. We seek to help the body to heal, not interfere with it. Often our surroundings do not give us the proper chance to heal ourselves, beginning with the bombardment of chemicals into our soil, food, water, and life, in general.

These chemicals can accumulate in the liver and become very toxic. Significant chemical pollution occurs in meats. Meat animals are routinely injected with steroids (Bovine Growth Hormones) to fatten them quickly and produce more milk. Antibiotics, including penicillin and sulfa, are used to control rampant diseases. These drug residues remain in the meat and milk and can cause problems for the consumer. The hormones can cause men to become more feminine and have problems with impotency and sterility. Women may experience premature aging and general disharmonies in their endocrine systems and menstrual cycles...

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