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“Unveiling the Mysteries: The Kingdom of Heaven Mystically and Psychologically Understood"

Greetings, my dear friends and seekers of truth. My person want to begin by extending my heartfelt apologies for my absence from the world of blogging. To those who have inspired me to share these words once more, I offer profound gratitude. Now, you might be wondering why, when asked how I'm faring, I respond with a resounding "HEAVEN ON EARTH." Through this blog, I aim to illuminate the depth of this statement and reveal what my dear Big Brother Jesus intended for us all to understand.

Throughout the hallowed pages of the New Testament, we find a recurring theme, one that Jesus himself emphasized more than any other: the Kingdom of Heaven. It served as the cornerstone of his spiritual teachings, a message he entrusted to his disciples, urging them to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Over two millennia ago, during his earthly sojourn, Jesus declared, "The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand" and whispered, "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you." His singular focus was to impart the immense spiritual value contained within this concept.

Regrettably, as the sands of time shifted, the purity of the Kingdom of Heaven's meaning became tarnished, especially within the confines of Roman Catholicism. There, it was molded into a posthumous reward, a realm one could enter only by adhering to the tenets of the Church. It pains my heart to recount how Catholic Priests exploited this belief, peddling tickets to salvation to those burdened by guilt and seeking divine intervention in their final moments.

Jesus, in his wisdom, recognized that not all could grasp the profound nature of the Kingdom of Heaven during his time. And so, he resorted to parables, veiling its essence from those unprepared to receive it fully. He concluded his teachings with the words, "He who has ears to hear, let him hear."

Even now, in this modern age, there exist scoffers and critics who fail to grasp the true essence of the Kingdom of Heaven, just as Jesus had preferred it to be understood.

Yet, in the face of persisting religious superstitions, there exists an unprecedented opportunity to unveil the Kingdom of Heaven's deeper reality. Education has empowered the laity of Roman Catholicism and similar religions, enabling them to question and challenge traditional dogma. This education extends beyond academic pursuits to the exploration of metaphysical truths.

A wealth of literature, both in print and online, flows from unconventional sources, attempting to elucidate Jesus' authentic message regarding the Kingdom of Heaven. Mass media, particularly television, has opened our homes to programming that delves into life's profound mysteries, igniting curiosity and a desire for knowledge.

Today's world brims with a spirit of adventure, a quest to illuminate the unknown and unravel its secrets—a spirit that was not as prevalent 2,000 years ago, save for a select few. This resurgence of curiosity allows Jesus' genuine concept of the Kingdom of Heaven to be within reach for countless millions. They possess the open minds and spiritual awareness necessary to comprehend the profound truth that the Kingdom of Heaven represents.

Entering the Kingdom of Heaven while in the midst of our physical lives encompasses a multitude of blessings. It entails the direct knowledge of God's presence, an awareness of other planes of consciousness beyond the physical realm, and a genuine connection with the Universal Intelligence or Spirit. This connection guides our conscious minds intuitively as we navigate the physical world.

Ultimately, it leads to a unity of mind and Spirit with God, a fusion of intuitive wisdom, inner harmony, and boundless compassion. This, my dear friends, is what can bring peace, both to individuals and to our troubled world.

As I rekindle the flames of my blogging journey, I share these words with you, not as the gospel but as a humble perspective inspired by the teachings of Jesus who became the ( Christ ) a title;  and the wisdom of ALL Avatars, saviors, Saints of all religions and my ancestors, may they illuminate your path and kindle the flames of understanding within your hearts, as we together explore the profound and mystical reality of the Kingdom of Heaven. "HEAVEN ON EARTH" is not just a response but a living truth to be realized.

In closing, I invite you to join me on this journey of enlightenment and discovery. Let us embrace the Kingdom of Heaven as it was meant to be understood—here and now, in the midst of our earthly existence. Blessings and peace to you all👳🏿‍♂️

Rev. Lord Hakeem Sharief

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