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Energy in Daily Life

People tend to think that the events of their lives are determined by external influences. They may blame their happiness of misfortune on a divine but external authority who arbitrarily imposes punishments and. Rewards upon them. Or they blame their mothers or fathers for either spoiling them or denying them the fulfillment of their early emotional needs. Perhaps they think it is their environment which is supportive or hostile toward them, or their racial or educational background which determines the joy or sorrow which enters their lives. Or maybe they feel that their lives are governed by blind chance. Generally, people tend to look no further than the superficial elements which compose their experience. They fail to realize the deep truth that what appears as external reality is actually only a mirror of their own inner consciousness.

It is the energy projected by an individual’s own mind which creates his experience. Consciousness is the vessel. The events in one’s life are merely the physical or mental manifestations of the vessel’s contents. The events are thus nothing but reflected images of one’s own mental energy. The Secret to leading a positive life is to refine and harmonize one’s energy so as to live in consonance with the order of the universe. Conversely, by holding negative energy in one’s mind in the form of distorted thought patterns and attitudes, one’s life will reflect negativity and disharmony. In conclusion, if you were wise, you would not allow a traffic incident or any other for that matter, to take you away from your virtues nature.

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I had to accept this concept but I'll be the first to say it was very difficult to do. Once you fully understand the laws and how the universe work then is when you'll fully grasp it.

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