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Things Just Don't Happen

My Jewel for today:

One's life does not just happen. Whether you know it or not, your life is carefully designed by you. The choices, after all, are yours. You choose happiness. You choose sadness. You choose decisiveness. You choose ambivalence. You choose success. You choose failure. Be proactive, which is about taking responsibility for your life, rather than being merely reactive. You can't keep blaming everything on your parents or on genetics, circumstances or conditions. Instead of worrying about things beyond your control, focus your time and energy on things you can control-especially the things you say and do.

To conclude my thoughts: Do not fall prey to success-destroying Impatience for results. To the extent you have harmonized yourself with Divine Law, you will be achieving lasting results. Usually these come so imperceptibly that at first you will not be aware of them.

My beloved family, I'm trusting, that you will endeavor to do all in your power to live within the Divine Law and receptive its protection 👳🏿‍♂️

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