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The Situation Is Getting Worst Family

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

“This was shared with me today so I'm sharing it with you! Stay vigilant! Please see below from a Nurse friend: With the new virus Covid Delta, there is no cough & no fever. It's a lot of joint pain, headache, neck & upper back pain, general weakness, loss of appetite, & pneumonia... it's Covid-Delta! And of course, more virulent & with a higher mortality rate. It takes less time to go to extremes, sometimes without symptoms!! Let's be more careful! This strain does not live in the naso-pharyngeal region!! Now it directly affects the lungs, which means that the 'windows', periods of time are shorter. I have seen several patients without fever, without pain, but who report mild chest pneumonia on their X-rays. Nasal swab tests are very often negative for Covid-19 & there are more & more false negative results from nasopharyngeal tests. This means that the virus spreads & spreads directly to the lungs, causing acute respiratory stress caused by viral pneumonia. This explains why it has become sharp, more virulent & deadly!! Please, let's be more careful, avoid crowded places, keep 1.5 m distance even in open places, use double masks, face mask & wash our hands often (& when we cough or sneeze n ur top or arm). Please no hugs & kisses, it is very dangerous at the moment, everyone is asymptomatic. This * "wave" * is much more deadly than the first. So we have to be VERY careful & take * all kinds of precautions * Please also be an alert communicator for your friends & family.”

Ps. Read the other blog on the virus for a solution.

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