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The Human Breath

THE HUMAN BREATH is the source of life. Without breathing, human life instantly ceases. Ki is brought into the body through breath. Therefore, breathing is the primary element of Ki. Correct breathing is the essential component in the development of Ki.

Oxygen taken in through breathing is the force which drives the human metabolism. When large amounts of oxygen are taken into the body, the blood and the cardiovascular system are invigorated and become naturally healthy.

The average person, however, breathes incorrectly and does little to stimulate the flow of blood through the body by physical exercise. Therefore, the cardiovascular system becomes sluggish and, with aging, slows down and eventually degenerates, becoming prone to unnecessary disease.

Ancient Korean manuscripts discuss how dirty or polluted blood is the source of all disease. They describe how the blood becomes dirty or polluted by an inactive flow. The inactive flow of blood is brought about by physical inactivity and incorrect breathing, leaving the body starved of Ki. The first thing anyone on the road to Ki development must do is to understand correct breathing👳🏿‍♂️

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