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Seven Tips To Analyze Your Health by Fingernails and Tongue

Here are some tips for self diagnosis, that is, understanding the love language of your body. Your body talks to you, if you know what to look for😉

What are those cherry red raised dots on my torso? 

Cherry angiomas are a sign of estrogen dominance. This can occur in men, women and children. Estrogen dominance is a hormone imbalance that can be a result of environmental toxins in our modern world. 

They may include:

Plastics used for food containers and water bottles

Hormones in meat, butter and milk

BPA in  food cans and on cash register receipts.


A thin black line on the fingernail from cuticle to the tip can indicate intestinal bleeding. If this line persists, see your doctor.


Deep crack in the center of the tongue from the root to the tip is showing a stomach or digestive problem.


Spooning nails can be a result of anemia. If your fingernail raises at the tip away from the finger, get checked for possible anemia.


Teeth marks on the side of the tongue can indicate hypoglycemia or pre-diabetes.


White coating on the tongue can be telling you that you have allergies, a cold or flu or an immune system disorder.


Yellow raised dots under the eyes show high cholesterol.


For a more indepth diagnose of your health with Fingernail and Tongue Analysis, please visit

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