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Moon Bathing

The light of the moon and sun are different. Sunlight is generally good for our body provided prolonged or high levels of radiation are avoided, while moonlight is an effective medicine for our brain.

If all people knew how to use the moon to reform their aggressive mentality at least 30% of the unneeded frustrations & suffering in the world could be avoided. Moonlight also helps our memory, but we should not wait until we start to lose it!

Absorbing appropriate amounts of moonlight can benefit our mind and temperament.

Moon Cultivation    


Use the moon cycle to help your cultivation. You can take lunar energy in the same way as solar energy. Begin at the time of the new moon and go until five days after the full moon. After that, the moon’s energy is not strong anymore. 

To take in the moon’s energy, you face the moon when it is just rising, gently breathe in the lunar energy and swallow it.

If you do this faithfully for three years, your face will have a light. Natural energy can be accumulated and grow, so that when your body fails, you have an energy house built from the natural energy you have gathered, along with your personal refined energy. You can then move into the subtle sphere of life as a heavenly being of light.

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