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Love or a fantasy ๐Ÿค”

Updated: May 13, 2023

St. Paul once said that the greatest thing is love, acknowledging the most fundamental truth in life. Love is the most remarkable experience, even surpassing wisdom, as it represents the bond between all things in life and the One Life that is God. Love is the embodiment of unity, and as a result, Universal Unity is Universal Love, making it justifiable to say that God is Love.

Therefore, the need to experience love in human life is understandable. Love represents the ultimate manifestation of the Greatest Truth and Presence in the Universe. This is why people often make mistakes in their pursuit of love, leading to a large number of broken hearts and marriages.

People, driven by their innate desire for love, can easily fall into the trap of making the wrong choices, whether it be in a relationship or choosing a partner. Unfortunately, this leads to many failed relationships and marriages, showing that most of these connections are based on fantasy rather than love. Real love lasts, but anything that is not real will eventually come to an end.

It is crucial to ask yourself whether a relationship is based on love or fantasy. If you are open to God's inner guidance and meditating daily, the answer will become clear to you. Real love starts on a spiritual level, and it is God who brings two souls together. If it is real love, you and your partner will sense it. There may still be challenges, but these are meant to stimulate further spiritual growth and deepen the love between you.

To distinguish between love and fantasy, consider that fantasy is based on what you can get from the other person, such as financial security, emotional security, acceptance, position in life, power, or fame. On the other hand, real love is based on what you can give the other person because of the deep love you feel in your soul. Fantasy is fleeting, while real love is founded on reality by God.

Meditation and a connection with God will make you more spiritually sensitive and aware, allowing you to sense the beauty and light in others. If both partners are in love with each other's inner beauty, it is likely that it is real love. The ultimate sharing with another person is the sharing of God, who is the essence of Love. Real love is opening your heart to God and then to another person's heart, occupied by God.

Finally, how do you know you really love and care for someone? You know you really love and care for someone, if they left and married your best friend and they were happy and you were happy for them. Yes, thereโ€™s levels to this journey and this is one of the highest degree of love manifested. Furthermore, to determine whether it is love or fantasy, ask yourself who your best friend is. If the other person is your best friend, the chances are high that it is real love. A best friend is someone you are in tune with mentally and spiritually, with whom you have a trusting freedom to be yourself. That kind of trust is a spiritual trust, a sacred bond between two hearts containing God's Presence, and a true sign of real love.

Yours Truly,

Tha Honey Bee Philosopherย 

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Nicola Forrest
Nicola Forrest
Feb 27, 2023

This is so beautiful. ๐Ÿ’– I love and appreciate it.


lia p
lia p
Feb 15, 2023

Well said I truly resonate with this.. Sometimes fantasy can feel so real. This is an eye opening experience. I love the best friend part <3

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