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COVID-19 Delta Variant: NEW Infection Findings! & How to Protect Yourself

There have been recent studies surrounding the COVID-19 Delta Variant and how it spreads in such a rapid fashion. There were just over 100,000 new cases of COVID in the United States in just yesterday alone. More than 83% of new COVID cases are Delta Variant in the U.S. This Delta Variant is much different than the first variants because the COVID-19 virus has evolved. Masks can help only some in this case, however, it is important that we take this seriously because the infection route is now different and many more are prone to exposure. Please use caution and we highly suggest using Bamboo Extract and Oxypower. Bamboo Extract and Oxypower are especially useful for the flu and colds.   It is also important to build up a high count of T-cell and nature killer cell (help fight off viruses) by taking Bamboo Extract before you go out, Liver Chi, our Essiac Tea and Asparagus Extract.   The Delta Variant has begun to spread rapidly among those unvaccinated, yet even even those who are vaccinated can still get infected. Please be careful in public by wearing a mask, and social distancing. It is important to continue to take Bamboo Extract every day!   If you already have a weak lung or your oxygen meter reads lower than 97%, you should take Oxypower. Oxypower will help your lungs to take in Oxygen.   If you have always had cold hands or cold feet, you need Vein Lite to increase your circulation to make your body warmer. This prevents thrombosis (blood clots), a common side effect of some vaccines. Vein Lite will help reduce your D-Dimer and is excellent for those that are without 8 lunulae (half moons on your fingernails).

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