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Breakdown of Protocol for COVID Omicron

There has been a large rise in cases for the Omicron variant, almost 1 in 20 Americans has COVID, and we encourage you to build immunity by take Bamboo Extract, Oxypower and many of our other products. Many of our patients and doctors that have had COVID have taken Bamboo Extract and Oxypower and they have said they have felt almost instant relief from congestion in the lungs. Here is a breakdown of our full protocol against COVID including which products to take to boost your T-Cells, vital for COVID-19.   BAMBOO EXTRACT:   Pandas have lived on Earth for millions of years and their diet has been consistent: Bamboo. It helps them with nutrients and anti-pathogen activities, etc. We recommend Bamboo Extract to boost immunity especially upper respiratory conditions.   VEIN LITE:   Vein Lite will help with cold hands and cold feet. It can also help avoid blood clots and reduce D-Dimer. It is excellent for those that are without 8 lunulae (half moons on your fingernails). Reducing these factors will help with blood circulation and is highly recommended against COVID.   OXYPOWER:   Oxypower will increase oxygen intake. If you have a blood oxygen level less than 95% take Oxypower immediately. Your Oxygen level should be over 97%.     ASPARAGUS EXTRACT*:   Asparagus Extract is extremely vital for immunity. It will help increase CD4 T-Cells, CD8 T-Cells, Natural Killer Cells which produces interferon γ which is very important against viruses (COVID-19), bacteria, cancer cells, etc.    LIVER CHI*:    Liver Chi will help boost interferon γ and good for Hepatitis, the flu and COVID.   SINUS CHI:   Sinus Chi can relieve any sinus issues and symptoms. These symptoms can be from COVID or the Flu.     Since there has been a large rise in cases we highly recommend our COVID and Flu protocols. It is extremely effective! Take Bamboo Extract, Oxypower, Liver Chi, Sinus Chi and ESPECIALLY ASPARAGUS EXTRACT to boost those Natural Killer Cells and T-Cells that will help fight off the virus. If you do test positive for COVID, take this protocol everyday for the next 1-2 weeks and you should see relief and results!   NEW CASE STUDY   A patient visited a family member in the hospital with a mask and gloves, but still ended up contracting COVID-19. She was in the ICU for 19 days before she was released. When she was taken home her room is only 14 steps from her front door, but she could not make it without any assistance. They gave her a portable oxygen tank so she could keep with her at all times. She then was given a bottle of Bamboo Extract by her niece and was taking it for about 2 weeks with some improvement. She later added Oxypower to her regiment (she did not know about it before) and after about 1 week of taking it her breathing improved so much it returned “close to normal”. She could finally walk around again and within a few months she returned the portable oxygen tank. She is continuing taking both Bamboo Extract and Oxypower for the prevention of contracting it again with the new strain and also to keep her oxygen levels to a normal range. CLICK HERE to order Vein Lite, Bamboo Extract, Sinus Chi, Liver Chi, Oxypower, and ASPARAGUS EXTRACT! If you have any questions or want to order any of our excellent products, please call (813) 598-3091

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