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"Balancing Material and Spiritual Success“


In the current era, particularly within the United States and other Western nations, the realm of success metaphysics has flourished abundantly since the dawn of the 21st century. Over time, the foundational teachings have evolved, yet the eternal truths upon which they stand have remained remarkably intact.

More recently, our collective focus has been irresistibly drawn towards metaphysical insights, presented through various labels and delivered via diverse mediums such as books, audio recordings, television, radio, publications, and the expansive realm of social media. The role of mass communication in disseminating these profound ideas cannot be underestimated, and avenues for acquiring knowledge, including lectures, courses, seminars, personal guidance, and mentorship, have grown exponentially.

Throughout this journey, countless individuals, not only in the United States but across the globe, have been introduced to the principles and practices that constitute the fabric of success metaphysics. In my understanding, success metaphysics encompasses teachings that may find resonance within the New Thought movement or align with a positive-thinking approach firmly rooted in the depths of spiritual truth.

For most individuals, the initial impetus to embark on this quest often arises from the irresistible allure and the compelling promise of enhancing one's life, particularly in the spheres of love, prosperity, and overall well-being. However, at the core of these teachings lies a profound spiritual revelation—the profound acknowledgment that all the blessings experienced in life are a direct consequence of our intimate connection with the Divine.

Complementary to this profound understanding is the principle that, by transcending the confines of the personal ego, we create the space for our souls to merge harmoniously with the boundless Universal Consciousness. Consequently, our focus shifts inwards, transcending the realm of self-centered concerns, propelling us on a sacred journey to draw ever closer to the Divine.

God, the Supreme Presence, takes center stage in our inner sanctum, echoing the timeless wisdom of Christ, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all else will be added unto you." This is not a call to religious fanaticism or the turbulent currents of emotionalism. Instead, it beckons us to calmly recognize that our foremost priority should be the pursuit of the Divine Presence within us, for therein lies the fulfillment of all our needs.

This transformation does not advocate self-righteousness or a superficial sense of spiritual superiority. Rather, it heralds a profound shift—a shift from the pursuit of personal desires to nurturing a profound spiritual connection with the God-Presence of the Universal Mind and Spirit within.

True success, as I perceive it, urges us to set aside the limited self in favor of the expansive universal Self. As we draw nearer to the Divine residing within us, we embrace a state of mind characterized by an unwavering commitment to the realization of our goals and aspirations.

While we remain grateful for minor victories along the way, we are ever cognizant of the boundless possibilities that await our exploration. Our consciousness vibrates in harmony with the idea that genuine success transcends mere achievement; it beckons us to pursue every facet of existence to its ultimate expression. Through our profound relationship with the Divine, our minds expand to encompass the grand tapestry of possibilities that life has to offer.

As we draw nearer to the Divine Presence within, our hearts become vessels of universal love—a love rooted in compassion, understanding, tolerance, and patience towards all living beings. Those who have truly internalized the essence of success metaphysics naturally embody these qualities without pretense or spiritual elitism.

Living in a metaphysical state conducive to authentic success is not a mere morning ritual; it becomes a way of life. The essence of God is dynamic, a fusion of Spirit, mind, and physical manifestation. Those who have genuinely embraced success metaphysics see themselves as agents of action, tirelessly and purposefully moving toward their goals, day after day.

In closing, let us remember that success metaphysics is not merely a quest for personal gain; it represents a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation, anchored in our sacred connection with the Divine. As we align ourselves with the God-Presence within, we become emissaries of love, understanding, and purpose in this ever-evolving world.

With profound blessings,

Lord Hakeem Sharief

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Spiritual Love
Spiritual Love

Love it!


lia p
lia p

Astoundingly profound truths I am so grateful for this information thank you 🙏


I love this article. There is so much profoundness and serenity in it. My favorite sentence and highest resonance was with this part: “However, at the core of these teachings lies a profound spiritual revelation — the profound acknowledgment that all the blessings experienced in life are the direct consequence of our intimate connection with the Divine.”

Bless you, Lord, for blessing us with your gift of putting the Divine into words! Xx


Wow! What an enlightening article. My biggest takeaway was quote “Our foremost priority should be the pursuit of the Divine Presence within us, for therein lies the fulfillment of all our needs”.

Most of us on our spiritual journey know and understand this concept but at times (at least for me personally) this gets lost in translation with the hustle and bustle of life, however, if one only took away this nugget of Gold and applied it daily profound change would occur. Let us prioritize our Divine Presence within!


Well needed and love the presentation and expand the idea more clearly of illuminating the spiritual side within me.

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