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The period between the summer solstice which is at the peak of light with longest day and shortest night, and autumn equinox with equal day and night, is a pivot from yang towards yin, or a diminishing of fire energy and the Fire Element of summer.

This pivotal period corresponds to the Earth Element, where late summer rain nourishes the crops for its eventual maturation before the autumn harvest. Earth Element is the harmonizer, transforming energy from hot to cool, yang to yin, masculine to feminine, and active to stillness. Cultivate rooting, deep into the earth but at the same time avoid stagnating your energy by being sedentary, instead take walks daily, especially after each meal and practice tai chi.

Weight gain usually begins around this period of the year and persists

to the end. So, best to begin practicing Qi Gong for Weight. CashApp me $14.95 for download and take BSlim to help counteract the damp property of Earth.

Within the human body, Earth is associated with the transformation

and harmonizing properties of the digestive system which breaks

down food to their nutritional components to be absorbed and waste

excreted and nutrients that eventually transformed into energy or qi. If

too much sugar or cold and raw foods are consumed during this

period, it may lead to excessive bacterial and yeast overgrowth,

resulting in SIBO or small intestine bacterial overgrowth that plaques

one with bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhea and abdominal

distention and pain. Therefore, reduce excessive sweets, including

fruits and refined grains in your diet and opt for mostly cooked

vegetables, include roots like sweet potato, yams, turnip, daikon, taro

and rutabagas, small amounts of lean proteins, beans and legumes,

nuts and seeds and wait to consume fluids until well after the meals

are finished.

Smooth transition through late summer shall prepare you to adapt to

the onset of the yin stillness-- characteristics of the ensuing autumn

and winter and help you avoid sickness and imbalance.


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