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Who We Are

Naturally Living 4 Life is dedicated to providing effective holistic solutions for your well-being. We specialize in herbal remedies, metaphysical treatments, and essential oils meticulously formulated to address various ailments and symptoms. Our approach is grounded in the understanding that the human body is organic, carbon, and copper-based, operating on electrical principles.

While traditional medicine has its merits, we believe in exploring alternative health when conventional methods fall short. Placing inorganic substances into an organic body can disrupt its natural vibration and physical balance, potentially leading to disease.

At Naturally Living 4 Life, we strive to address the root causes of health issues and promote healing from within. Through our metaphysical treatments and the power of herbs, we provide holistic support to revitalize your body, mind, and spirit, stimulating their inherent natural functions.

Lord Hakeem _Naturally Living 4 Life founder


Lord Hakeem

Lord Hakeem, is certified in Traditional Chinese Medicine. As a Medical Qi Gong  Practitioner Of Chinese Medicine, he understands that the practice of Chinese medicine is based on the recognition of patterns of change within one's patients. When these patterns of change or zheng are harmonious and foster life and well-being, the patient is healthy or recuperating. But when these patterns of change are disharmonious or tend to foster death and dissolution of the body and mind, the patient is ill and seeks to remedy their disease with appropriate therapies and medications. Such therapies and medications do nothing more or less than nudge the patient's pattern of change from a disharmonious and life-negating trend to a harmonious and life-promoting course. With Lord's training and expertise over the many years, he seeks to balance one's health with their own internal or guest qi. When one's guest qi is in a harmonious balance in accord with the ruling host qi, one is truly healthy.

Lord Studied at the University Of Kematian Science and  Yo San University. and has been personally trained and Certified by Dr. Tsu-Tsair Chi in Chinese Medicine. He utilizes Chi's method of Finger Nail and Tongue Analysis to diagnose and treat patients all over the United States. With intense studies and practice, he has over 19 years of experience dealing with solutions to major health-related issues. Lord has studied various cultures, alternative therapies, and natural healings enabling him to provide different solutions to your nutritional, psychological, and healing needs.

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As a working single mother, I never really took the time or money to invest in my health. Unfortunately, at the age of thirty, I was diagnosed with a serious heart condition. My cardiologist decided to put me on a mirage of medication, that most twice my age were on. In turn, I started to feel worse then I have ever felt health wise, and after all none of what the Physician's were given me even made the slight bit of a difference. I truly started to feel that the medications were a guessing game. So I then decided to search for an alternative approach.

When I found NaturallyLiving4life, I must admit initially I was skeptical. So as most, I went back and forth with myself, Do I really want to spend my money on something I was not sure of? I made the choice to do a reading with Lord first. As I opened my email to decipher my reading, I was literally blown away from the accuracy.

Astounded by the true divine interpretation, my eyes began to open. Not only was it time to invest within myself, It was imperative I make a lifestyle change for my health. As Lord reached out to me about my situation, I was very impressed by his compassion to help and how knowledgeable he was! Upon his many recommendations, he diligently put a plan together and I was beyond excited. As the Essiac Tea, herbal supplements and diet regimen began to set in, within weeks I felt such a difference and better quality of life.

I am happy to say I am no longer on any heart medications whatsoever. From all of the excellent health products and services he offers, all the way down to the psychological healing, I can humbly say he has changed my life for the better. If you are looking for someone who genuinely has a love to help others, a heart of compassion, and a true master of his craft, I highly recommend Lord H. Sharief and his site NaturallyLiving4life. I came in as a client and left feeling like family. Thank you, I am eternally grateful!

Kelly D.