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90 Veggie Caps

Our Nattokinase is the real thing and the very best available. Beware of less expensive brands that have no track record for safety or effectiveness. Our Nattokinase is organic and raw.

According to legend, the warrior Minamoto no Yoshiie found boiled soybeans that had been left on straw and had fermented, leading to the discovery of Natto. By the end of the Edo period (1603-1867), Natto had become a regular part of Japanese culture in some areas. Some believe that Natto (and, by extension, Nattokinase) may play a role in the lower overall incidence of cardiovascular disease in Japan.

Reasons To Use Nattokinase

100% all-natural product proven safe & very effectiveIn sore, aching muscles - Nattokinase is good for cholesterol. great for seniors, long fights, gym workouts and elite athletes great for seniors, long flights, gym workouts and elite athletes!No side effects

Raw Nattokinase

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