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Week 1 - Detox & Sleep

Was: $116.90

Now: $90.00

A $26.90 discount from retail value!
Enjoy all of your detox and sleep needs in one package, designed with your body’s optimal functioning in mind.

Your Kit Includes: 
Detox Bath - Our unique blend of natural Chinese herbs create an experience that will not only soothe your muscles in the warm bath, but provides an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties for your skin. Leaving you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to take on your day. (Contains 7 bath sachets)

Detox Tea - Take time each day to clean out your system with Detox Tea. Ancient Taoist Masters and Chinese Medicine practitioners believe that the body can be cleansed and purified by strengthening and nourishing the liver organ system. (Contains 20 Tea bags)
Santuary Sleep Herbal Capsules - Our natural blend of Chinese herbs relieves sleeplessness to reset a balanced and healthy sleep pattern to leave you refreshed and rejuvenated. A non-drowsy, non-addictive formula provides relief from restlessness, irritability and other symptoms resulting from a lack of sleep. (Contains 65 capsules)
Santuary Sleep Meditation CD - This practice provides a guided meditation using simple breathing techniques and visualization to relax your body, while part one gives you vital information and tips to create a sleeping sanctuary and routine to teach your body to sleep. (Contains 1 CD)

Sanctuary Sleep RollerBall - Our custom blend naturally relaxes the body and mind to reset sleep patterns and leave you waking refreshed. (Contains 10 ml)

Detox and Detox

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