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We are very excited to inform you that our All FLU formula, with a new name, Cold Guard Plus (liquid homeopathic medicine).

The effective ingredients in Dr. Dale's homeopathic Cold Guard Plus (liquid) is the same formula as the All FLU but with updated influenzinum. This will target ALL types of flu symptoms, such as dizziness, drowsiness, thirstless, vertigo, flush, sneezing, heavy feeling, dull headache, dry cough & phlegm. It will also provide relief of fever, shivering, chills, coughs & much more.  Cold Guard Plusis also used by providers and patients as a homeopathic prophylaxis.

Cold Guard Plus is safe & there are no contraindications or side effects. Research shows that vaccinations may be harmful to our health. Fear created by the media-related viruses can lower your immune system, making you more vulnerable to all types health issues. You can assist elimination of any fear by using Dr. Dale's Neuro Emotional Remedy or MBM #4 (Kidney-Fear).

Cold Guard Plus

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