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Sugary drinks can be the end of your diet and your health if not consumed in moderation, so why not replace them with a naturally sweet cup of tea. Our best-selling tea uses 22 herbs to provide a full body detox with an energizing and balancing experience that you can enjoy all day, every day. Ancient Treasures Tea combines 38 generations of Chinese Medical expertise to create an herbal blend to keep you balanced and support a healthy body in a delicious and easy to drink tea.
Why You’ll Love It:

Clears toxins

Balances hormone function

Reduces stress, anxiety and insomnia

Promotes positive mood

Improves circulation

Supports balance and well-being


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

How to Use It:
To make your delicious tea, boil 1 cup of water. Then place the tea bag in the water to steep for 5-10 minutes until ready to drink. Enjoy one or two cups daily, with or without food.
Premium Ingredients:

Chrysanthemum flower, Mulberry Leaf, Mint, and Cassia seeds used to soothe the liver, clear your head and relax your body

Dandelion root to detoxify

Hawthorn fruit and Licorice root to aid digestion and promote healthy blood

Lily bulb and Chamomile flowers to reduce stress, promote relaxation and peaceful sleeping

Full Ingredient List: 
Chinese Motherwort above-ground parts, Sweetleaf leaves, White Mulberry leaves, Wooly Grass rhizome, Phragmites rhizome, Licorice root & rhizome, Chinese Mint above-ground parts, Green Tea leaf (decaf), Chrysanthemum flowers, Hawthorne fruit, Cassia seeds, Cassia twigs, Lily bulbs, Polygala roots, Henon Bamboo inner stem, Jujube seed, Poria Cocos sclerotium, Xanthium seed, Dried Ginger rhizome, Wild Turmeric root, Star Anise fruit, Silk Tree bark.
What You Won’t Find in Our Formulas:

Animal products




Antibiotics or growth hormones

Ancient Treasures Tea - 20 Tea Bags

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